Machine selection

The selection and purchase of a machine is just a link in the process. Machine downtime can have extensive consequenses. That is why providing top-notch service is always the objective at Vermeer Benelux.

Our well trained and highly committed employees form the core of our service organisation. We continuously invest in our knowledge and skills to stay updated on the latest technology.

Remote assistance

Maintenance can often be carried out with some support by telephone, email or Whatsapp from Vermeer Benelux. Our service staff has technicians available who can provide you with specific advice. In many cases, this advice leads to the sending of parts that can be easily exchanged by the user.

Preventive maintenance

The design and construction of our machines is aimed at minimizing the needed maintenance. Depending on the use, we recommend a maintenance schedule. Preventive maintenance is relatively inexpensive. Planning preventive maintenance is cost efficient. The travel costs are lower because often it can be combined with nearby activities, plus the necessary components are made available in advance..


In the event of a malfunction, a fast response time is always desirable. Our technicians have fully equipped service vans with which all occurring activities can be carried out. The most common service parts are kept in stock in our warehouse. All other parts are generally available within 1 day from Vermeer’s CEVA warehouse in Roosendaal.

Machine information

Of each delivered machine, drawings, schematics and documentation is stored. All documentation is available digitally. Repairs, supplied components and any modifications are registered by machine number. The complete track record of a machine is therefore known. The right parts are then quickly picked up in the event of a malfunction or maintenance.


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