We have many common service parts and critical parts immediately available in our warehouse. Most other Vermeer parts are located in the Vermeer EMEA warehouse in Roosendaal, from where they can be shipped within 1 day. In the uncommon case that a special part is required, this can be ordered with DHL air freight from the Vermeer factory in U.S.A. and be with us in a few days.

In this way, the availability of parts is guaranteed, so that our service provision is not jeopardized.


Our order desk is manned from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and can be reached by telephone, e-mail and whatsapp. Of course, we also respond to urgent questions outside office hours. In most cases, the desired parts can be picked up immediately or shipped the same day.


Ron van Kerkvoort
Location NL
+31 113 22 41 41
Sinita Linder
Location BE
+32 3 292 37 41