ever considered leasing?

Keep your cash
When you buy a machine, you pay the total amount at once. The advantage of leasing is that you spread the investment and pay a fixed amount each month throughout the term. In somemany cases, you pay a small down payment. During the contract term, you know exactly what your financial situation and commitment is. This means that you can keep financial resources available for growth or operational expenses.

Monthly payments
With leasing, you pay fixed monthly installments, against the interest rate on the day of purchase. This means there will be no inflation risk during the contract term.  Cash flow management will be easy, and it helps you understand the payback period of your investment.

Tailored finance options
Vermeer Finance Europe’s flexible leasing solutions allow you to tailor your payments to fluctuations in your cash flow. Does your business depend on seasonal influences? Then we will include specific seasonal payments in the agreement. Our solutions also offer solutions in other situations: lower monthly payments when your income stream is declining, higher ones at times when business peaks.

‘One-stop shop’
You arrange both the purchase of your machine and the lease with one party. Obligations associated with bank financing, such as closing a payment account, do not apply to a leasing solution via Vermeer Finance Europe.

New and used equipment
There are leasing solutions for both new and used machines.

Technological lead
Do you like to work with the latest technology? Why settle for yesterday’s level of efficiency and technology? By working with Vermeer Finance Europe you can always upgrade to new and better machines, during or at the end of the lease term.

Potential tax advantages
Leasing can also be fiscally attractive. Contact your accountant for advice on your situation.

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